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Space + Wine

You’re invited to join the launch of our Space + Wine series on Friday, September 18th at 4 PST • 7 EST to benefit Space for Humanity. This event includes a panel of five speakers, who will dive into an engaging conversation around Space while tasting the 2013 Dark Matter Limitless Cabernet Sauvignon. 


Andrea Ghez, Astrophysicist, Professor of Physics & Astronomy at UCLA + Founder and Director of Galactic Center Group UCLA

Alycia Mondavi, Co-Proprietor + CEO of Dark Matter Wines

Dylan Taylor, Chairman + CEO of Voyager Space Holdings Founder + Chairman of Space for Humanity (Known as the most active space investor in the world)

Nicole Stott, NASA Astronaut + Artist (two spaceflights, one spacewalk, and 104 days living and working in space)

Rachel Lyons, Executive Director of Space for Humanity

Kimberly Washington, Founder of Beviam Wine Experiences + Partner of Leaders on Purpose

Space for Humanity is a 501c3 non-profit that is organizing the planet’s first Sponsored Citizen Astronaut Mission, where leaders, from any walk of life, can apply for an opportunity to go to space and experience the Overview Effect: the cognitive shift in awareness that occurs when a human being looks down on the Earth from space.

Each year, a new crew is selected from a diverse group of leaders from around the globe. Upon their return, each citizen astronaut has a commitment to leveraging that experience for the collective good. The Space for Humanity Mission: to expand access to space, train our leaders of tomorrow, and contribute to a culture of interconnectedness as we venture into the stars.

Leaders on Purpose, in alignment with Harvard and The United Nations, is a community of purpose-driven corporate leaders promoting inclusive sustainable development and building back a better global economy that puts purpose at the core.

Together, with Leaders on Purpose, we have committed to donating the full $25 general ticket cost and a portion of each bottle of Dark Matter Cabernet Sauvignon purchased for the tasting segment to Space for Humanity. By joining this event you're personally helping Space for Humanity fulfill their mission and send selected global citizens to space which are committed to return as leaders empowered to serve Space and humanity. 

Please Note: September 14th is the last day to purchase wine kits.

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